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All Male Underwear

150 pics in 10 galleries.

Allkink's Jockstrap Locker Room

A mandatory visit for anyone with a fetish for jocks. While there's not a single naked picture, "The Collection" is an exhaustive catalogue of every jock strap known to sportsdom, plus a visitors gallery, message board and stories.

An Athletic Man In Underwear

62 pics In 6 galleries.

Carls Torn Briefs

50 pics in 2 galleries.

Cumming In My Underwear

100 pics in 4 galleries.

Gays in Underwear

66 pics in 4 galleries.

In 2 Underwear

A site devoted to guys in their underwear.

Jocks Strapped & Boned

80 pics in 4 galleries

Jockstrap Central

Online store with many photos and jockstrap history.

Laundered Underwear

180 pics in 6 galleries.

Men In 2 Briefs

3500 pics in numerous themed galleries.

Only Undies Club

Hundreds of amateur guys in undergear.

Str8 Throbbing Cock In Loose Boxers

50 pics in 2 galleries.


400+ pics in 20 galleries.

Underwear Hunks

240 pics in 6 galleries.

USG Online

Directory of online undie shops.

Vintage Skivvies

The history of men's underwear.