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Aaron's Lavender Leviathon

This rambling, uniquely illustrated site by artist and writer Aaron Rush is chock full of gay trivia and art.

Bible Sex Stories

Incest, masturbatiion and homosexual love - the Good Book's better than we thought!


Interspecies love is explored in this 12 minute animated short.

GOD hates shrimp!

A logical retort to the Christian fundamentalists who selectively quote Leviticus.

Hoot Island

Even though this is a predominantly straight site, it's still a very witty take on sex and society so we think you'll like it. Hoot Island's credo: "Sex can be funny and erotic, and the best sex is often both. Sometimes even intentionally."

Jackin' World

The "the ultimate male masturbation resource" will be of interest to all men, from beginners who haven't yet gotten past the classic wanking method (aptly dubbed "The Fist"), to jerk-off experts looking for a new twist.

Justin Space

One section of this personal site is "Obscene Interiors," a selection of male amateur porn and personal ad photographs critiqued by a professional interior designer.

Lavender Lounge

The free sections of this membership site are a campy mix of celebrities, drag queens, gossip and wierd links.

Nookie Cookies

Indecent baked goods and suggestive veggies.

Oh Fuck!

Amusing and kinky photos.

Plushie Schwartz

Yes, some people really are into having sex while dressed up as a big, furry animal.

Sphincterine Ass-tringent

A unique freshening product.

Stupid Porn

Not all porn can be taken seriously!

The Definitive Penis Size Survey

A pseudo-scientific study relying on self-measurement. It even has charts and graphs.

The Penis Scale

An amazing new discovery that allows any man to accurately calculate the mass of his equipment. Surprisingly enough the only tool you need is your mouse, which scientists have found can be used as a weighing device. You simply must try out the Penis Scale - but read the fine print first!