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Resources and Galleries


Adonis Art

Gallery. Numerous artists represented.

Bridge's Gallery

Gallery. Many artists represented.

Erotic Art Collection

Gallery; male and female subjects. Click "Exhibition Archives" for full listing.

Erotic Male Art

Gallery. Many artists and media represented.

Fine Art for Men

Gallery. Many artists represented.

Gay Art Gallery

Gallery. Many artists and media represented.

Gay Hentai Toons

15 pics in 1 gallery.

Gay Wild Toons

60 pics in 4 galleries.

Incubus' Choice

An annotated link list of erotic art sites.

Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation

This New York institution was established in 1990 to provide an outlet for art work that is "unambiguously gay and often denied access to mainstream venues." The Foundation Web site's Virtual Gallery has a fine selection of gay erotic painting, drawing, print, photography and sculpture.

Queer Arts Resource

Founded in 1996, QAR was originally intended to curate Internet art exhibits, but hasn't done so since 1999 due to lack of funding. The Web site is kept up to date though and the Archives and Links sections provide background and links to many queer artists.

The World History of Male Love

An interesting and informative Web collection of artwork and literature on the topic of gay male love through the ages.

Tom of Finland Foundation

Galleries of several erotic artists.

Wessel + O'connor Fine Arts

Gallery. Several artists represented.